Vantage S-Series Propane

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Vantage S-Series Propane

Do more with an eco-friendly, propane stand-on mower.

The environmentally friendly Exmark Vantage stand-on mower delivers a progressive, operator-focused design, superior maneuverability and legendary durability. Features a 52-inch UltraCut Series 4 full-floating deck and a large, rubber padded platform with weight-compensating suspension for maximum control and maneuverability.

Available Models:

VTS541CKA36300, VTS691CKA48400, VTS691CKA52400, VTS730AKC52400, VTS740EKC60400

Special Financing Available

3B Outdoor Equipment offers financing for all new Exmark and Redmax units sold through Sheffield Financial. Financing is available to both commercial and residential customers. 3B Outdoor Equipment offers financing for new Exmark units through Citi Financial as well. 0% APR Now Available (WAC).

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